Here Are The Two New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Coming With Operation Chimera

As with every update to Rainbow Six Siege, the upcoming Operation Chimera has resulted in two new Rainbow Six Siege operators being added to the game. The two most recent ones are called Lion and Finka, and Ubisoft released bios for both characters to show players what they were good at.

Lion, for instance, is a French bioterror specialist who got his nickname from his loud voice. Lion is an Attacker operator whose specialty is a motion tracker, allowing him to spot people no matter where they are, so long as they’re in the range of his tracker. He also has Level 2 Armor and Level 2 Speed, which allows him to move quickly and take a lot of punishment.

Finka, on the other hand, is a Russian specialist who got her nickname during her training for the Russian Spetsnaz when she tanked a knife cut to the face before beating her opponent’s face in during a practice fight. “Finka” is Russian for “Knife”. Finka’s specialty is that she gives each operator a nanoboost, which she can then trigger to regenerate health, get steady their aim, and give them an extra push.

These two new Rainbow Six Siege operators are going to both be playing a part in Operation Chimera and will also be available to play in the Outbreak game mode, where a bioterror attack causes monsters to prowl around a town, which select Operators will be available to hunt them down.

While the Outbreak event will only be going for a few weeks, Lion and Finka will be remaining in the lineup of operators in Rainbow Six Siege, so after Outbreak is over you can still keep using them in Terrorist Hunt games.

The two new Rainbow Six Siege operators will be coming when Operation Chimera releases on March 6 of this year.