Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Update Boons Thokin, Halbard, and Others

Mass Effect Andromeda just had its Multiplayer Update rolled out. The latest Multiplayer Update addressed some small changes to the game’s weapons.

The patch notes to the update have been made available as well.

– Increased clip size from 12 to 18
– Increased damage from 111-140 to 117-147

– Increased clip size from 24 to 30
– Increased total ammo capacity from 240-300 to 300-375

– Increased accuracy from 45-56 to 50-63

– Increased damage from 54-72 to 57-76
– Increased force from 30 to 40

– Increased ammo capacity from 60-75 to 65-81

– Increased damage from 587-704 to 616-739
– Increased force from 55 to 75

– Increased damage from 92-110 to 97-116

– Increased damage from 85-102 to 88-106

If you guys remember, last year BioWare announced that it would not be rolling out future patches for Mass Effect Andromeda’s single-player or in-game content and that has been the case ever since. There have been no expansions, no additional weapons or characters and there have been no bug fixes as well.

Although for multiplayer it has been a different story, there has been some support, for the multiplayer version of the game with occasional patches tweaking weapon balance.

All of the balance patches of the game Mass Effect Andromeda are buffs. Hopefully, this proves to be a more viable option in combat, as the newly enhanced weapons can freshen up stuff.

The game in the start did suffer from numerous issues with the gameplay and facial animations to which multiple patches were rolled out but by then it was pretty late and that is when they stuck only to multilayer updates.

For many, the future of Mass Effect seemed a bit dark but BioWare and EA made sure to let the fans know that it won’t be as dark as it seems. Let’s hope that this is the case.

The game Mass Effect Andromeda is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.