The Last Of Us 2 to Have Companions in the Game?

Last of Us 2 was announced a few years back but it wasn’t until last year that proper reveals regarding the game were made.

Just yesterday Neil Druckmann, the director and writer of the game, made a Tweet which hints that there might possibly be companions in The Last of Us 2.

One of the companions could possibly be a Dog. Neil Druckmann uploaded a picture of himself with a dog wearing a motion capture suit and with the hashtag “Year of the Dog”. On top of that, he was himself wearing a shirt with Last of Us written on it so it is pretty obvious in which direction this Tweet is going.

What does this mean for the game Last Of Us 2? Well for starters companions in the game means that we will have someone to rely on when the shit hits the fan.

If there is a dog then we could possibly let the dog attack our enemies, or maybe use the dog to pick up weapons, possibly discover hidden stuff or trace out someone or something.

We could also use the dog to mark hidden enemies, the possibilities are endless. They depend on how much sugar the developers are willing to pour in.

Moving on, based on the official PlayStation Sweden Facebook page, multiple games have been listed that will be rolling out this year and the list contains The Last Of Us 2.

At the present moment, we do not have extra details on when the game will exactly release or whether the companions will actually be there. Until the company gives out some official details regarding the game this is what the fans have and it is somewhat promising.