The Darksiders 3 World Is Seamless Like One Big Dungeon

The Darksiders 3 world might bring Breath of the Wild to mind in a lot of players, as it’s apparently one seamless world that players won’t have to wait to load in while playing. This will help with all of the different locations we’ll be visiting, including abandoned subways and lava-filled caves.

This is a notable step up from Darksiders 2, which had a large number of wide open areas and large dungeons to move through, but every time you moved to a different area you still had to go through a loading screen, some of which were particularly long.

Darksiders 3, apparently, will be improving on this with its seamless movement, and we can see this in its first bit of gameplay, where our Horseman of the game, Fury, goes from walking around a giant tree in the middle of a destroyed city, to a network of tunnels where she goes to hunt Sloth. Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which form the main plot of Darksiders 3 as they have broken out of their prisons and Fury must hunt them down.

According to THQ Nordic, the reason for the Darksiders 3 world being so open is to continue to incentivize exploration for many players, as making the world one seamless area will encourage players to continue to explore and find new things. If the areas in Darksiders 3 are as big as Darksiders 2’s own areas, then there will likely be a lot of places to explore, and a lot of collectibles to possibly gather.

While the Darksiders 3 world may not be the size of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s own map of Hyrule, hopefully it will be big enough to have exploration be a big part of the game when it releases sometime later this year on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.