Annoyed By Star Wars Battlefront 2 Chromatic Aberration? Here’s How You Can Remove It

Are you getting annoyed by the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Chromatic Aberration? Or are you one of the lucky ones that didn’t even notice this graphic feature implemented in the game? Whichever the case, know that there’s a solution to this issue through a dedicated mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2 through Nexus Mod Manager. May this help you play a little more comfortably without straining your eyes.

Chromatic Aberration (also known as color fringing or dispersion) is a lense issue that makes which occurs when colors are incorrectly refracted (bent) by the lens, resulting in a mismatch at the focal point where the colors do not combine as they should. Why would such a feature be implemented in a video game though? Even if it provides realistic images to Star Wars Battlefront 2, Chromatic Aberration has been proved a pain by the game’s fans.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Chromatic Aberration is mostly detectable on 1440p and 4K resolutions and, less in 1080p according to fans. The Full Filmic FS Remover, available through Nexus Mod, can remove chromatic aberration for you and it also can disable Film Frain, Vignette, and Radial Blur, if those cause you issues as well. If Star Wars Battlefront 2 lens effects have been annoying for you take a look at the guide below provided by Dark Side of Gaming:

  • Install the Nexus Mod Manager.
  • Install the Frosty mod manager that you can download here.
  • When the file explorer opens, choose Star Wars Battlefront 2 in your origin folder, the mod menu should stay open, leave it.
  • Download the Full Filmic FS Remover mod manually, and extract it to your desktop (DONT UNZIP)
  • Go back to the mod manager and choose import mod on the top taskbar
  • Choose the ZIP file
  • It should import itself and appear on the left as a bar, double-click it
  • Now it’s activated, launch Star Wars Battlefront 2 via the mod menu at the top taskbar.

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Are you getting annoyed by Star Wars Battlefront 2 Chromatic Aberration too? Will you try out the Full Filmic FS Remover mod?