AMD Ryzen V1000 “Great Horned Owl” Embedded Chips To Compete With Intel Gemini Lake CPUs

AMD Ryzen V1000, Great Horned Owl embedded chips have been rumored for some time and here we have a slide that gives us some details regarding the upcoming embedded chips that will take on the Intel Gemini Lake series of Celeron and Pentium chips. The AMD Ryzen V1000 will be based on the AMD Zen architecture and will come with 4 Zen cores which will be better than the previous architecture.

AMD has released a couple of CPUs and APUs for desktops and laptops so embedded chips seem like the way forward. While we have had leaks concerning these AMD Ryzen V1000 chips we have new information that hint that these chips are almost ready to be shipped and bought by consumers. These embedded chips will support 32GB of DDR4-2400 or DDR4-3200 memory.

Other than that the chips will also feature 1.5 GHz GPU with 11 compute units and will support H.265 encoding and decoding natively. We have also heard about embedded chips with more than 4 cores which could mean that there will be more than one AMD Ryzen V1000 variant. You can check out the leaked slide below.

All things considered, it seems that AMD is carrying over some features from AMD Ryzen Mobile including AMD Zen cores as well as AMD Vega graphics. This is a very interesting combo as we have seen the performance in the recently released APUs the 2400G as well as the 2200G. You can check out the performance of these APUs here.

While the combination is great these embedded chips will have a TDP of 12W which is great. These chips are going to be competing with the Intel Gemini Lake chips and it would not be surprising if these chips will perform better than what Intel has to offer.

Let us know what you think about AMD Ryzen V1000 and whether or not these chips will indeed blow Intel Gemini Lake out of the water.