Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Maps Guide – Where To Find, All Ancient Treasures

This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Maps Guide will tell you where you can find all of the Treasures that are available in the game.

There are plenty of Treasures that you can find in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As is the nature of Treasures, they are quite difficult to find. The Treasures can be hidden somewhere or it could be staring at you right in the eye and you have missed it.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Maps

The first Ancient Treasure can be found towards the South east of Neuhof. Go to the camp and then go through the path which goes up hill. The Chest will be near the burned down site. The Chest is very hard to open so be patient as it may take some time.

The second Ancient Chest is towards the south of Sasau. Follow the river until it stops and then head south until you see a giant rock. Then go south again until you get to a cave and find the loot. You can also dig the grave that would have a few herbs.

For the third Ancient Chest, go north from Uzhits until you see the mill. Then go west and you will find a large tree amidst a plain area. Dig the grave near it to find the Treasure.

The fourth Ancient Treasure is to the east of Sasu. Go east until you run into a camp. Go around the camp and you will see a spot to enter the building. There will be a Chest which will be easy to unlock.

The fifth Ancient Treasure is towards the north of Skalitz at a deer hunting post. Go up stream and then move west to find the Chest. The Chest will be very difficult to open though, so be patient.

The first Treasure Map is towards the north west of Sasau near the cave. There are two houses near it. Enter both of them and find the one where you can enter a cave by going left. Here you will find a hard difficulty Chest.

The second Chest is found towards the west of the Sasau Monastery. Find a white tree near the river and dig up the grave near it.

The third Treasure is towards the west side of Monastery. Cross the river and go up the stream until you see the log cabins. Each of these cabins has a Chest with one of them being easy to open and the other one being quite hard.

The fourth Chest is in the interesting site in the forest between Neuhof and Ledetchko. It is very hard to open it so be prepared.

The fifth Treasure is towards the South East of Merchojed. Simply go to the end of the river and continue until you see a fallen tree near the river. After this, go northwest (into the forest) and you will find a well with a sack inside it.

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This Chest is at the interesting site towards the north east of Ledetchko. A wooden Chest with hard difficulty is required to open it.

For the ninth Chest, go to the bridge towards the southeast of Skalitz. The bridge is towards the edge of the city. Find the open Treasure Chest on the side of the bridge.

The tenth Chest is towards the southwest section of the world. Go north from Rattay and cross the river to find a grave with the Chest. The river can be crossed using a bridge that will not be difficult to find.

The eleventh Chest is in a cave between Ledetchko and Sasau. There are two caves here so search them both to find the Treasure.

The twelfth Chest is South East of Rattay. Follow the river until you can see a path that goes into the forest. Go into the forest until you see the ruins and head south from there onwards. Here you will find a log cabin that contains a Chest.

For the thirteenth Chest, go to the accident in the woods that are found towards the east side of Rattay. You can find a Treasure in a shed towards the peripheries of the forest.

The fourteenth Chest is located near Neuhof. Simply go to the grave location to find it and dig up the loot.

For the fifteenth Chest, go to the interesting side between Neuhof and Ledetchko. Here you will see a ruined barn that will have a spade jutting out from the sand. Find the grave near it and dig it up for loot.

The grave can be found towards the west of Merchojed, beyond the main road. There is a rotting white tree with no leaves near the graves. Just go beside the river until you see the river and retrieve the sixteenth Chest.

For the seventeenth Chest, go directly south of Skalitz until you come upon a lone wooden house. The grave is behind that house.

The eighteenth Chest is at the interesting site towards the east of Talmberg. Watch out for the poacher and knock him out from behind if you see him by sneaking up to him. The Chest here is of easy difficulty.

The nineteenth Chest is in a grave beside the river inside of Sasau. Just move around and look for an extremely small island until you find it.

For the twenty first Treasure, go to the mining tunnel south of Skalitz and stay to the left side. Soon you will see some ladders on your left which you need to climb. There is a very hard difficulty Chest on top of those ladders.

The twenty-second Chest is at the interesting site found towards the south west of Vranik. Find a gallows in the forest. Near the gallows, there will be a sack which will have loot.

The twenty fourth Chest is towards the northeast side of Skalitz. Go on the road until you see the shrine and the hut nearby. Then continue along that road and head west when you see a farm on your east side. Here you will see a grave that will have some loot.

That is all we have for our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Maps Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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