10nm Intel Ice Lake-U Chip Comes With Gen 11 iGPU That Features 48 Execution Units

Intel Ice Lake CPUs have been rumored to come out this year even though they have been delayed time and time again. Here we have some information concerning a prototype Intel Ice Lake-U chips that feature generation 11 graphics. If you need some reference then you should know that the current Coffee Lake integrated graphics are based on the generation 9.5 architecture and the same is the case when it comes to Kaby Lake.

The graphics featured with the Intel Ice Lake seems to have 48 execution units or 384 unified shaders, this can be compared with the 24 EUs and 192 shaders that come with the  Intel UHD 620. Doing the math you get double the EUs which could translate to double the graphics power but this is a prototype and this means that the final specs of the Intel Ice Lake-U chip could be different as compared to what we see here.

You can check out the details in the image included below:

Intel Ice Lake-U chips

The Intel Ice Lake-U will be based on the 10nm process and Intel has had some issues with the 10nm process. It has been delayed a couple of times but rumor has it that the 10nm chips will be coming out this year even if they are available in limited quantities. We also got word that these chips are being shipped to partners.

Having that said we have also seen what AMD is working on AMD Ryzen Mobile as well as AMD Vega mobile and these will give Intel a tough time in the mobile space. We will have to see what kind of performance these Intel Ice Lake chips will have to offer and how well they compete with AMD Ryzen Mobile chips.

It has been rumored that Intel is working on a discrete graphics solution of its own. As of right now, Intel is using discrete graphics featuring AMD Vega but after the 11th generation graphics architecture is released Intel will have enough time to mass produce the discrete graphics of their own.

It will be interesting to see what kind of performance the Intel solution will have to offer as compared to integrated HD graphics as well as the graphics on AMD Raven Ridge APUs. AMD Vega Mobile has also been announced and it should be an interesting year.

Let us know what you think about the Intel Ice Lake-U and whether or not this is something that you would be interested in getting when you buy your next laptop.