Hanger 13 Suffers Layoffs, Mafia 3 Couldn’t Save Jobs

It has been a brutal change for the developer of Mafia 3, Hanger 13. It has come to attention that the company has had to lay off a lot of its employees. The game Mafia 3 has had some really mixed reviews back in 2016 but with those reviews, the game did see some successes as well but they weren’t enough.

At least for 2K Games, it proved to be reasonably good. Unfortunately, the moderate success of the game was not enough to save jobs at Hanger 13.

According to sources close to Kotaku, a large number of employees have been laid off by the company. Before the layoff, the company had about 150 employees although it is unclear how many have been laid off.

They have also added that staff reduction is in order to ensure that studio’s resources are properly aligned with its long-term development plans.

2K Games have made it clear that these reductions will not affect the company’s ability to create and deliver the games that are in production at the moment including Mafia 3 Deluxe Edition.

2K Games is working with the affected employees to support them and explore any potential opportunities for them and for the company.

What’s interesting here is a fact that some time ago an Ex-employee of 2K Games revealed that the company has the reputation of making bad decisions that eventually end up with numerous Job losses. Considering the ex-employee’s statement made back in 2016, the current situation does seem to connect.

Hanger 13 was founded in 2014 for Mafia 3 and it is its only game till now. The game with all the mixed reviews and issues it still has managed to sell approximately 5 million copies.