Black Panther Post-Credits Scenes Explained (Spoilers)

Black Panther features not one but two post-credits scenes that are crucial to setting the chess pieces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the highly anticipated arrival of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, be warned that the following contains major spoilers and if you are yet to watch the new movie adaptation in theaters, feel free to return after doing so.

The first of the two post-credits scenes has T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) addressing the United Nations with a message of friendship and unity. Wakanda will no longer remain isolated from the rest of the world and move forward by opening its borders. This also means that Wakanda will be sharing what it has with everyone as well.

The promise is naturally met with confusion and curiosity by the general assembly because what could possibly a nation of African farmers offer to the rest of the world? T’Challa responds by simply grinning before the screen goes black.

What the outside world does not know is that Wakanda is decades ahead in terms of science and technology. It utilizes designs and methodologies, thanks to the availability of Vibranium, that are simply incompatible with any other nation. To make it even more clearer, Wakanda is the most advanced nation on the planet.

Wakanda opening its borders is also a key bone of contention in the source materials. T’Challa, following up the wishes of his late father, wants to share with the world. However, his adversaries for the throne are against that nobel notion, with some even wanting Wakanda to stop relying on alien technology.

There is no word on whether Avengers: Infinity War will take place immediately or several years after Black Panther. In the case of the former, the United Nations can be expected to lose its minds after discovering the real Wakanda. It is also likely for certain representatives to label Wakanda as a threat for global peace. Thanos could decide to take advantage of the bickering and travel to Earth for his Infinity Stones.

However, if Avengers: Infinity War takes place after a considerable period has passed for the events in Black Panther, the world might have progressed beyond its original capacity. This would, hence, allow for a better defense against Thanos and his dark forces.

The second of the two post-credits scenes has Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) stumble out of a hut somewhere in Wakanda. Except for his missing left arm, he seems just fine. Shuri (Letitia Wright) then approaches the Winter Soldier to tell him that he has a lot “more” to learn before the screen goes black.

The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War confirmed that Barnes will be fighting against Thanos and his dark forces in the midst of Wakanda with a brand new mechanical arm. It appears that his deprogramming has been successful and Shuri will soon be prepping him with something special from the Wakandan armory.

Black Panther premiered in the United Kingdom on Tuesday to post the biggest opening day in the box office this year by earning more than £2.67 million. It will officially open in theaters in the United States on February 16, and is projected to score more than $180 million (an increment from the previously projected $160 million) in the domestic box office.