How To Upgrade Skills In Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How To Grind, Learning New Skills

Your survival in Kingdom Come: Deliverance heavily relies on your Skills. Since it is an RPG, it allows you to develop and hone your Skills at your will so you can create the perfect character suiting to your gameplay style. Upgrading your Skills is vital in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and we have curated this guide in which we will guide you on How to Upgrade Skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Upgrade Skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

There are many Skills that you can upgrade and develop in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Every time you upgrade a Skill, you unlock increased bonuses and make certain tasks much easier to perform. These Skills range from Hunting, Herbalism, Lockpicking to Combat and more.

Nearly every action you perform in Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a Skill attached to it which provides bonuses and makes performing that action more rewarding for you. Below you will find a list of all the Skills that can be upgraded in the game.

  • Alchemy
  • Drinking
  • Herbalism
  • Horsemanship
  • Hunting
  • Lockpicking
  • Maintenance
  • Pickpocketing
  • Reading
  • Stealth
  • Combat

You can upgrade each of these Skills and upgraded levels unlock new bonuses for you and will make these Skills easier to perform and unlock more Perks. For a detailed list of all perks associated with these Skills, you can check our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Perks Guide by heading over to the link! Below we have listed some methods, which will help you upgrade these Skills easily.

Side Quests

The world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is full of NPCs willing to offer Side Quests to you. They will ask you to perform certain tasks for them which most of the time involve Stealing, Combat, Sneaking, and collecting items.

These Side Quests are a great way to improve your Skills. While doing these Side Quests objectives, you will be in-directly making your Skills better. Apart from this, most of the time, the quest givers also share some vital information with you regarding your Skills. These help in making your character better by improving the Skills. Explore the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and try to complete as many Side Quests as possible. Even talking with these NPCs will increase your Speech Skill. They offer a good way of improving your Skills in fun little quests.

In case you do not know where to start, you can always check out our Side Quests Guide to learn more about completing these Optional Quests.

Upgrading Skills

The most straightforward and easy method to upgrade these Skills is by grinding the Skills. If you want to upgrade a specific Skill, start using it as much as possible. For example, if you want to upgrade your Combat Skills, chose a weapon you want to specialize in and start fighting with it.

Using Bow and arrows for combat will gradually increase your Skills with the Bow. Spending time with the Alchemy table brewing potions will make you better at Alchemy. Spending time collecting herbs and doing Herbalism will increase your Herbalism Skill.

This works for all Skills in the game. The more you grind a Skill, better you will become at it. Each time you level up, you will unlock more Perks for that specific Skill. Some Skills can be upgraded by performing other actions such as engaging in combat more will increase your Strength as well.

Upgrading these Skills will develop your character more and you can focus on specific Skills to develop them earlier to develop your character suiting to your playstyle. For creating a stealth fighter, focus on increasing Stealth and Close-Combat Skills.

Similarly, a hunter will need proficiency in Hunting, Stealth, and Horse Riding. It all boils down to your preferences. Choose whichever Skills you want to focus on and start working on them to improve them.

Learning Skills

Another way to upgrade your Skills is by learning and training. You will find many trainers spread out in the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They will charge you money but in return, they will train you over time to become proficient in a specific Skill. The most famous trainer of Kingdom Come: Deliverance in Captain Bernard who will help you learn new Skills and get better at combat. You should train with him if you seek proficiency in combat.

This concludes our How to Upgrade Skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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