The Incredibles 2 Trailer Breakdown (Everything You Need to Know)

Following a teaser trailer last year, Pixar has released a brand new and lengthy trailer to signal the highly anticipated return of the super-powered family in The Incredibles 2 later this year.

The new footage offers a sneak peek into the potential plot thread and signature warm humor that the animation studio is known for. Hence, it is time for another trailer breakdown and assimilate the offered sequences for what they really are.

The sequel has been directed and written by Brad Bird, who helmed the direction and script for the first movie as well. In addition, the main cast will also be reprising their original roles. The Incredibles 2 will open in theaters on June 15, 2018.

The timeline picks up right after

The Incredibles 2 has taken fourteen long years in the making but the setting will continue from right after where the first movie left off. It is obviously difficult to accurately pinpoint the timeline without any official word from the people involved. However, considering that Jack-Jack is still in his infant form and the family is still completely unaware about his superpowers, the sequel has to take place within the same year.

This will make The Incredibles 2 the first official sequel from Pixar that continues from right where its predecessor left off. Any correction is always welcomed, but the animation studio has habitually set sequels (Toy Story, Cars) years after the original events had concluded.

It should also be pointed out that The Incredibles 2 could not afford to be set down the line because had it been, Jack-Jack would no longer be a baby and his small-factor is a crucial part of the theme.

The new job descriptions of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

The mundane ban imposed by the government on all superhero-related activities will continue to form the premise in the second movie, similar to the first.

There is naturally a lot of unrest and boredom for the family because of being unable to beat the living daylights out of pesky villains. However, they will soon be contacted by a mysterious tycoon that wants to bring the era of superheroes back. Unfortunately, he is only interested in one member of the family and not the rest.

Elastigirl will accept the offer and resume her crime-fighting days, leaving Mr. Incredible to watch over the house and children. The trailer makes it clear that the only heroic duties for Mr. Incredible in the sequel will be filling the shoes of both a dad and mom. This not only includes helping the children with their homework but also cooking, cleaning, and staying awake for Jack-Jack.

The emerging superpowers of baby Jack-Jack

The first movie revealed Jack-Jack, despite being an infant, to have superpowers as well. The events, though, unfolded in a way so that the family was completely unaware of the true nature of their youngest member. The latest trailer, as well as the past teaser trailer, confirms that the superpowers of Jack-Jack will emerge into the open over the course of the new animated movie and no longer be hidden from everyone.

In fact, the family might come to realize that the baby is possibly the most strongest member in their ranks. In the first movie, Jack-Jack demonstrated an inherent ability to change his physical form. He defended himself by turning into a fireball, then into a heavy steel, and finally into a devilish monster. In the second movie, Jack-Jack will gain the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes and teleport at will.

It goes without saying that Jack-Jack will have a much larger and important role to play in The Incredibles 2. The latest trailer certainly suggests that he is gaining some degree of control on his superpowers. When the family gets caught up in a trap set by the chief villain, an inevitable part of the storyline, you can expect Jack-Jack to come to their aid in a baby-sized cape.

It was previously revealed that Jack-Jack possess limitless potential because of him being a baby. This means that he might end up being much weaker than his counterparts as he grows older. The plot point certainly has potential for an installment down the years.

The nod to Batman Begins

In the beginning of the trailer, Dash makes it clear during a family dinner that he wants to fight bad guys. This is in relation to the ban imposed by the government on all superhero-related activities. “It defines who I am,” he backs it up dramatically, before explaining that he watched someone say it on television.

The reference is probably to Batman Begins (2015) from The Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you,” Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) said twice, at the beginning and near the climax of the movie.

The quotations do not exactly match in words but they do in spirit.