Splash Damage Is Working On Gears Of War 5 Campaign As Job Listings Indicate

The fact that a new Gears of War title is in works has just been confirmed by job listings that popped up on Splash Damage’s website. The job listings feature chairs in all positions, including art producers, programmers, and audio designers. As it seems the company will not only be working on Gears of War 5 multiplayer mode, as they did with its predecessor but will also be taking the lead in its campaign too.

We already knew that a new Gears of War title will be coming in the years to come, since Rod Ferguson, studio head of The Coalition, has revealed, eight months before the release of Gears of War 4, that there will be another game coming since Microsoft is investing in the franchise. It remains to be seen when an official reveal will be announced though.

What’s interesting though is that Splash Damage has only worked in Gears of War multiplayer mode in the past. The job listings available on their website make it clear that they are looking to fill positions related to the single player and cinematic part of the game. Take a look:

Cinematic Lead – Gears of War Franchise

As a Cinematic Lead at Splash Damage you will be responsible for planning, directing and delivering high quality in-game cinematics that will tie together gameplay and narrative through realistic acting, compelling action and expressive dialogs.


Storyboard Artist – Gears of War Franchise

Splash Damage is looking for a talented Artist to create cinematic storyboards and concepts to help us build stunning and inspiring art for an upcoming title. You’ll be inspiring the team and helping visualize the narrative while collaborating with the Cinematic Lead to ensure that the visual style and pacing is maintained. You will help to establish the artistic vision for Cinematics and be highly film literate, with a good understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing and editing.

As a Storyboard artist, you will

  • Help establish and drive the visual narrative in collaboration with Leads.
  • Iterate and explore ideas based around the game and narrative design.


Apart from the aforementioned positions, Splash Damage offers more jobs so if you think you have what it takes to take part in Gears of War 5’s development (stated Gears of War franchise on the website) then go ahead and send your resume. The company has also job listings for another unannounced project, which will be able to see later in the future.

After the announcement, fans are ranting about a possible Gears of War 5 announcement on E3 2018, however, if Splash Damage is now looking for artists it might not be wise to assume that we’ll have a trailer or gameplay footage available by June.