Sea of Thieves Scale Test Starts On Friday, Another Beta Before Release Announced

Sea of Thieves is just one month away from releasing on Xbox One and PC, however, there’s still much to be done before the game is at its finest. According to Rare, a Sea of Thieves Scale Test will start on Friday, to test how the game holds up with what the team has added. Furthermore, another beta will be available for all key owners right before release.

Rare’s key goal is to know if they can keep up with a high number of players when Sea of Thieves finally releases. After the problems that occurred during the game’s latest closed beta, the company wants to make sure that any problems that may be caused by high player count can be solved by the upcoming Sea of Thieves Scale Test.

The Scale Test will begin on Friday, February 16th at 10am GMT (2am PST) and end on Sunday, February 18th at 10am GMT (2am PST). What should you expect during that time though? Rare explains:

With this added scale we expect – and plan – to see issues, that we can learn from and address. Not only are we looking to hit scale, we will also purposefully be stressing our services by throttling performance at certain times, testing the game in different data centers around the world, and simulating deliberate outages.

Some examples of the issues we expect to see are:

· Sessions being interrupted

· An inability to join the game at certain times during the weekend

· Issues when using shops in-game

Rare has also planned another beta to be run before Sea of Thieves’ release in March, however, this isn’t their primary goal.

In addition, Sea of Thieves might feature slight microtransactions, but they’ll be cosmetic and won’t affect your progress in any way. Rare doesn’t want their game’s reputation to be compromised by paid items so loot boxes won’t be a thing in the game.

Sea of Thieves will debut on Xbox One and PC on March 20th. You can check the game’s PC system requirements here.