How to Pickpocket in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This brief guide teaches you How to Pickpocket in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We’ll tell you from where can you learn the Pickpocket Skill, how can you make yourself better at Pickpocketing, and give you Tips and Tricks for when you are trying to be sneaky with the public.

Learn How to Pickpocket in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You cannot learn Pickpocket Skill until a certain point in the game. You can learn this skill after you have entered The Rattay and spoken to Miller Peshek. They work with the underworld of Bohemia and they will be the ones who teach you how to Pickpocket.

Initially, you will be tasked with stealing a ring from the Town Execution. He will also teach you how to Lockpick.

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Once you have gotten the ring and returned it to him, he will teach you how to Pickpocket. Pickpocketing is more difficult in KCD than other RPGs of the sort, as it involves a short mini-game which you need to complete in order to ensure success.

To start the Pickpocket, make sure you enter the Sneak Mode and then get to the target from outside their view. Press X to enter the Pickpocketing Mode when you are close enough.

You need time to pick their pockets for which you have to charge a number. The number should be around 10s because higher or lower can get you caught.

When you get a prompt to search their purse, do so and a circle will appear in the middle.

This circle will have the number of seconds you can search the purse before you are busted. Charge this timer to around 10 seconds and not longer than that. Make sure you do not search the purse for less than 4 seconds as that will almost certainly result in you getting caught.

After this, you get a circular pattern with the timer in the middle. Move the icon to the ‘Question Mark’ and decide if you want to steal the specific item or not. Do it in less than the time limit that you set for yourself and you will be able to get away without being noticed.

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Tips and Tricks

The more you try to Pickpocket, the better you will get at it due to your skill being increased. However, it can also land you in jail for a night so here are some Tips and Tricks to ensure that you run into the least amount of trouble.

To practice Pickpocketing, you can go to Miller Peshek again and he will let you steal his dagger from him for as long as you possibly can. This is great for practice and the best part is that you will also increase your XP and will be able to increase the level of your Pickpocket Skill from this practice alone.

You also have the opportunity to pay Peshek to train you. This will guarantee you a level up in your Pickpocket Skill increase.

However, you can only buy this training once in every five levels. If you find that you are still running into problems then it is best for you to save the game before you attempt a Pickpocket to avoid drops in Reputation.

Remember that it is much easier to steal from people if they are sleeping. Remember to sneak up to them so that you do not wake them up.

You should increase your Sneak Skill and remove all armor so that you make no sound when you are walking up to them. Also, try to prioritize drunk sleeping men, as they will be much easier to steal from.

You should also watch out for your clothes. Wear black color at night and white in the day time. Shoes should also be soft, so they do not cause much noise.

Lastly, try to get to around 10 seconds time for the Pickpocket so that you can steal at least one item before the timer runs out. Do not take a risk of trying to steal too many items from the same person, as it can be quite difficult to succeed.

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