Ninja Theory Is Hiring For A New Action Game, Senior Combat Designer Wanted

Ninja Theory is hiring for a new action game, it seems, as the company recently posted a job listing asking for a Senior Combat Designer. Ninja Theory is the developer of a number of various action games like DMC: Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

All of these games have gotten fairly positive reviews when they released, and Hellblade getting good scores as well, along with a great deal of good press and good sales, have likely galvanized Ninja Theory into making a new game. While the game that said Senior Combat Designer would be working on hasn’t been explained, any successful applicant will likely have their hands full.

Ninja Theory is hiring in order to have someone help them work on what they believe will raise the bar on action games, and considering we have people like Platinum developing games, that’s a pretty high bar for them to set. While Hellblade was technically an action game, it didn’t really have the sort of out-of-control combat that games like DMC or Heavenly Sword were known for. It was more a narrative experience.

Hopefully this next game that Ninja Theory is hiring for will be a return to form, and even if it doesn’t have the same sort of dramatic narrative as Hellblade it will hopefully be able to fill its niche as an action game. There’s apparently some speculation that it could be a sequel to Devil May Cry, or a Hellblade sequel, though we also shouldn’t rule out an entirely new IP.

Either way, hopefully the new game ends up being a good one and that we’ll learn more about it soon. If you want to apply for the job that Ninja Theory is hiring for, you can follow this link to their website to learn more about it.