New Rumors Say We’ll Be Getting Metroid Prime 4 Multiplayer

A recent rumor on the LinkedIn page of one of the developers of the upcoming Metroid game, we’ll be getting Metroid Prime 4 multiplayer when the game releases. While this isn’t confirmed, it would certainly be something new in a game series that has mainly been singleplayer only for its whole existence.

Metroid is a long-missed franchise in the Nintendo lineup, especially considering that the last Metroid game that we had was the highly divisive Other M, which attempted to reboot the series and instead got it heavy criticism for the way that the game handled Samus’s personality, the method in which she got weapons (which were all “restricted” by her commanding officer until a certain situation), and the game’s story.

Metroid Prime 4 is probably going to be a return to form after Other M and years of no real news of a Metroid game. While a previous game set in the Metroid universe, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, did have multiplayer, it got mixed reviews on release, partially for being a side game instead of an actual Metroid game, and partly for its emphasis on being a first-person shooter and for not having a single-player mode.

While Metroid has often been a series that focused on its story, if Metroid Prime 4 multiplayer does exist, it might be better to put it in as some sort of competitive multiplayer like other console shooter games do. If they do actually decide to try out another cooperative multiplayer mode, hopefully they make it better than Federation Force did.

All in all, we still don’t really know if we’ll be getting Metroid Prime 4 multiplayer or not, regardless of what one developer’s LinkedIn page says. We’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo before we hear anything about what the game actually involves, which will hopefully be with the next Nintendo Direct. The game will likely be releasing sometime this year exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.