Kingdom Come: Deliverance No-Kill Walkthrough Tips – Merciful Trophy Guide, How To Complete

This Kingdom Come: Deliverance No-Kill Walkthrough Tips will give you numerous Tips and Tricks which will be very helpful in finding workarounds for killing the people that you would usually need to kill in order to move on with the campaign.

If you manage to go through all of the Main Quests of Kingdom Come: Deliverance without killing a single person in the process, you get the Merciful Achievement/Trophy. The Merciful Achievement/Trophy is easily one of the hardest ones to acquire in the game due to its complex nature and the fact that you need to find workarounds for the massacre that would ensue normally.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance No-Kill Walkthrough

In order to get the Merciful Achievement/Trophy in the game, you only need to do one thing. Somehow, find a way to go through the entire Main Quests without killing a single person. Runt is a little different because the entire point is to take revenge on him but apart from Runt, you cannot lethally hurt anyone.

There are other ways that you can do the objectives given to you, you can try to Lockpick or Pickpocket your way into certain areas, take out guards rather than killing them, and generally try to avoid confrontation by finding pathways around the enemies and bandit camps.

Complete Kingdom Come: Deliverance Without Killing Anyone

Remember that you only need to complete the Main Storyline Quests without killing anyone. You can still kill as many people as you want in all of the Side Quests or the other Side Activities that you might decide to pursue. Just remember to check which quest you have set as the active one.

Make sure you avoid enemies in large groups and run away if you have to. Also, remember to increase your Sneak Skill as much as you can so that you can sneak into all of the important places during the Main Quests. Moreover, remember to think fast and avoid confrontation with enemies even if you run into them by talking yourself out of trouble as much as you can.

Try to have a horse on you so that you can run away even if a fight breaks. Alternatively, you can make an enemy surrender but be warned, as some weaker enemies will die a lot quicker and will not get a chance to surrender.

If you are participating in massive battles then remember that the rule still applies to you. Try to avoid combat and sabotage as many enemies as you can without killing them. A good thing to do is to stand on the side during the battle, fend off enemies using your horse and, wait for the battle to end.

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Lastly, remember to save the game a lot and to just load the game if you make a fatal mistake. It is also worthwhile to remember that wild animals do not count and you can still kill as many as you want.

That is all we have for our Kingdom Come: Deliverance No-Kill Walkthrough Tips. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!