Early Signs Of Graphics Cards Pricing Becoming Stable, Here Is What You Need To Know (Mining Bubble Might Be Unfeasible)

Graphics cards pricing has gone through the roof and miners are to be blamed. But it seems that pricing is becoming stable if you compare the pricing from last year and the graphics cards pricing as of right now. While prices have gone up as compared to this time last year, if you check out the difference between the last three months, we do see slight hints of graphics cards pricing becoming stable.

Graphics Cards Pricing Becoming Stable

We have compared graphics cards pricing of many graphics cards both from Nvidia as well as AMD and you can see that some prices have become constant while there are graphics cards like the AMD RX Vega 56, AMD RX Vega 64 and the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti that have actually gotten cheaper as compared to the start of the month. The numbers are included in the table below.

December 2017 January 2018 5th February 2018 15th February 2018 Price Change Since February 5th Price Change Since December 2017
AMD Graphic Cards
RX 560 111 euros 138 euros 149 euros 149 euros 0% 34%
RX 580 249 euros 379 euros 449 euros 449 euros 0% 80%
RX Vega 56 549 euros 749 euros 839 euros 799 euros -5% 45%
RX Vega 64 602 euros 949 euros 999 euros 899 euros -10% 49%
Nvidia Graphics Cards
GTX 1070 420 euros 489 euros 559 euros 559 euros 0% 45%
GTX 1070 Ti 440 euros 529 euros 579 euros 579 euros 0% 32%
GTX 1080 Ti 705 euros 772 euros 940 euros 929 euros -1% 32%

You will note that the prices of the AMD RX 560, as well as the RX 580, have not increased in the past 10 days. This is a good sign to say the very least. On the Nvidia side of things, the same can be said about the GTX 1070 as well as the GTX 1080 Ti. Prices of the AMD Vega RX 56 and 64 have decreased and on the team Green side of things, the price of the GTX 1080 Ti has decreased slightly.

Whether or not the mining bubble has burst is something debatable at this point in time. While we have seen people returning graphics cards in order to get part of their investment back we have also heard Nvidia CEO talk about cryptocurrency being real and that it is here to stay.

Furthermore, it seems that Nvidia will be releasing special graphics cards for miners. These Nvidia Turing graphics cards might help decrease the price of gaming graphics cards. Talking about gaming graphics cards, Nvidia Ampere graphics cards will be coming out for gamers and miners will not be able to use them for mining according to reports.

Let us know what you think about graphics cards pricing and whether or not you think the mining bubble has burst.