Get an Xbox One X 1TB With Three Free Games – Destiny 2, GTAV, and Battlefront 2

Being wanting to get an Xbox One X? Well, you won’t find a better deal than this, my friend! Walmart is giving away three free games with your Xbox One X purchase.

Currently, Walmart has listed a jet black Xbox One X 1TB alongside Grand Theft Auto 5, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Destiny 2. This is a great deal, one that just cannot be passed up.

The console is able to put out 4K gaming and while not all games are running native, the console does enhance your gaming experience with either dynamic resolution or higher framerates at FULL HD.

The console is recommended for those with a 4K screen but since the game’s performance improves on 1080p as well, Xbox One X is still the console for you.

Microsoft may drop support for Xbox One in favor of Xbox One X in the future so investing in a model right now will future proof your gaming scene.

As far as the free games are concerned, what can be said about GTAV? One of the best selling and most played games around the world. Meanwhile, Battlefront 2 brings an impressive Star Wars experience with intense multiplayer games and a single player story mode.

Last but not the least, Destiny 2; the game has seen some criticism in the recent past but the development roadmap gives hope to the community. Major updates, changes, and improvements are planned by the developers. In the next few months, we will have a Destiny we wanted all along.

Use this link to grab the Xbox One X 1TB with three free games for $499.