Extinction Features Detailed In New Game Trailer By Iron Galaxy Devs

Iron Galaxy developers have made a new trailer to showcase the various Extinction features, Extinction being their action game that they’ll be releasing in April of this year (April 10 to be specific). Players must fight a race of giant ogres called Ravenii who are trying to destroy civilization in the game.

Players take on the role of Avil, the last member of an organization known as the Sentinel Order, the people that know how to kill the Ravenii. Since he’s the last member of the order, he has to fight the Ravenii all on his own, which can be a tough prospect considering they’re 150-foot tall giants.

Thankfully, the new Extinction features will make it easier for players to go about killing them. In the game’s campaign mode, players will be given various missions that involve protecting towns from the Ravenii, which involve killing minions, rescuing people, and accomplishing objectives, all to be able to charge up rune strikes that will allow you to kill the Ravenii.

Players can climb trees and walls and run across rooftops, use Avil’s whip to grab onto flying enemies, and even do the same to the Ravenii as they cut off their armor to expose their heads and limbs to decapitating strikes. However, at the same time, each mission has competing objectives that players will have to balance, and you have to do it fast since the attack will be happening the whole time.

While the graphics and art style don’t really look that impressive on a game like this (when the game was first announced some people thought the art style was rather inappropriate for an Attack On Titan like scenario), the gameplay shown in the Extinction features trailer at least looks fairly solid.

To see the Extinction features and some gameplay for yourself, you can look at the trailer here on this page. Extinction releases for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on April 10.