Dynasty Warriors 9 PC Tweaks: How To Set Up Controller And Get FPS Boost

Dynasty Warriors 9 PC is one of the most anticipated games of this year which launched with mixed reception from critics and gamers alike. Also, there are some issues with the game but there are some steps you can take to make your gameplay experience better and that is what we are going to discuss in this Dynasty Warriors 9 PC tweaks and optimizations guide.

There are some things that many PC users haven’t been able to figure out like how to set up a PS4 controller to play the game, how to select Chinese Voice Over and how to boost FPS for the game.

Dynasty Warriors 9 PC Tweaks

In our Dynasty Warriors PC 9 Tweaks and optimizations guide, we will discuss how you can improve your gameplay experience in the game by boosting FPS without compromising many graphical settings and more.

Chinese Voice Over And Subitles
Many of the players are wondering about the Chinese voice-over or subtitles not being present in the game. However, the Chinese voice over and subtitles can be enabled just follow the following steps.

Type “regedit” in the Windows OS search bar and press enter to open up the Registry Editor. Once its open look for “HKEY-USERS/S-1-5-21-….” and then navigate SOFTWARE/Koei Tecmo/Dynasty Warriors9/Grapgic Setting.

Here look for “language voice” once you locate it to open it up and change its value to 2 ads this will change the voice over to Chinese in the game.

Furthermore, if you want Chinese subtitles and menu then look for “language” in the same folder, open it and change its value to 5.

How To Set Up A PS4 Controller
To set up the PS4 controller for Dynasty Warrior 9 on PC, open up Steam and go the settings and click on “In-game”. Here check the “Use Big Picture Overlay when using a Steam controller on Desktop”.

Now select “Controller” from the same menu from where you selected “In-game” and then click on “general controller settings”. Here you will have some checkboxes and you need the check the “Guide Button Focuses Steam”.

Now launch the game and open the Steam Overlay by pressing “Shift + Tab” and click on controller configuration. At the bottom, select Browse configs and then select “Show other Controller Types” in the bottom.

Now you will be presented with a few options and you need to select the Xbox One Controller config and press “Ok” when prompted. Now just press Done and you will be able to use your PS4 controller in Dynasty Warriors 9 PC Version. Once the Controller is working, you can just go disable the “Big Picture Overlay” if you want.

FPS Boost
FPS drops is one of the main issues faced by PC gamers while playing the Dynasty Warriors 9, however, there are some ways in which you can boost your FPS or at least get some stability in performance. Also, these steps are only for those who own a Nvidia GPU.

Open up the Nvidia control panel and go to the “Manage 3D Settings” and then select “Program Settings” and look for the DW9 in the drop-down list. Once you have located the game on the list, look for graphics processor and set it to “High Performance” and apply the setting.

If you don’t have this option in the Control Panel then go to ” Adjust image setting with preview” and tick “use advanced 3D image setting” and apply it.

Now come back to Manage 3D settings -? Program Settings-> DW9 and select “Power management mode” and change it to “Prefer Maximum Performance”. Then below this option look for “Texture filtering-Quality” and set it to high-performance and apply these settings. Now go to “Configure Surround, PhysX” and select your GPU for you default PhysX processor. This should eliminate the FPS drops in the game and stuttering.

There is another potential way to boost your game’s FPS but this method only works for GTX 10 series graphics cards. All you have to do is open the Nvidia Control Panel-> Manage 3D Settings-> Program Settings-> DW9 and look for the V-sync option and set it to “Fast”.

V-Sync “Fast” lets the GPU render the game above the monitor’s refresh rate and only displays the frames that the monitor can handle and the rest are discarded. While it might seem to do much but for some games, it actually increases the performance significantly.

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