Dynasty Warriors 9 Errors and Crash Fixes

Dynasty Warriors 9 has launched for PC and consoles with mixed reception from critics and games alike. However, apart from the mixed reception, the PC version of Dynasty Warriors 9 is facing some serious issues and errors which will be discussed here.

The shift towards an open-world setting has caused some issues and errors to pop up in the PC version of Dynasty Warriors 9. Here we will provide you with a possible fix or workaround.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Errors, Crashes And Fixes

The developers behind the latest entry in the Dynasty Warriors 9 franchise are working to resolve all the errors and issues in the game but until then following are the issues and errors that players have been experiencing. Below we have discussed them all and have also provided a possible fix or workaround for these errors.

First of all, before you get to the fixes, make sure your version of Windows is updated and that your Graphics driver is updated as well.

In the case of GPUs, make sure you are using a dedicated one that meets the game requirements.

Check that the priority for the game is set to high in the task manager. You can also lower graphics settings to improve overall performance and stability.

No Surround Sound Fix
Come PC users have reported that the game isn’t outputting surround sound only mono sound. However, the game does features surround sound, all you need to do is enable it manually. Go to the game’s installation folder and launch the configurator executable which will let you enable the surround sound.

Controller Fix
Some PC users have been experiencing issues with their PS4 and Xbox One controllers not working for Dynasty Warriors 9. However, there is a simple fix for this problem but, how to follow some steps, courtesy of Steam user HideoshiKaze, to ensure that it works.

First of all, make sure the Big-picture mode is on for Steam along with Steam-overlay for the game. Then locate the game’s exe file, right-click on it and select properties. Select “Compatibility” and uncheck the “Run this program as an administrator” and make sure you check the “Disable Full Screen Optimization”.

Now open up Steam and go to “settings” then select “Controller” and then click “General controller settings” and toggle the PS4/Xbox configuration support.

Open up your Steam library, right-click on Dynasty Warriors 9 and select Edit steam controller configuration, then select the Export config> personal> Local Only> “Name it” then save and exit.

Now go to your Stea folder and navigate “userdata\userid\241100\remote” or “userdata\userid\241100\remote\controller_config\dynasty warriors 9”. All you have to do is delete the existing files here and download this config file. Just place the downloaded config file on both locations.

Again open up your Steam library, right-click on Dynasty Warriors 9 and select properties and select Edit Controller Configuration > Browse Config and select the config file you downloaded and pasted. Apply the config and exit. This should fix your controller issues.

Low FPS, Stuttering, Bad Performance Fix
Some of the PC players have been reporting that the game’s performance is not up to par with frequent FPS drops, stuttering, and overall bad performance. There are a few steps you can take to ensure some stable performance in Dynasty Warriors 9.

First of all, you need to update your GPU drivers to the latest version or at least update to Game Ready version of the driver as it brings game-specific optimizations.

Furthermore, do not use the in-game v-sync option as reportedly it is one of the main culprits of FPS drops in the game and use v-sync option for the game from the Nvidia or AMD control panel.

Also, make sure you are using the discrete GPU for the game instead of the integrated GPU as many systems use the external GPU when users play a game but at times the OS doesn’t shift to the discrete one and you have to do it manually either through your BIOS or Nvidia Control Panel, if you are using a Nvidia GPU.

Screen Flickering, Black Screen, Green Screen Fix
For some, the game is having screen flickering issue or when the game starts the screen goes to green. The solution is simple but only applies to Nvidia GPU users.

To resolve these issues, open up the Nvidia Control Panel and select “Change Resolution” under “Display”. Here check the “Use Nvidia Color Setting” and select the “Highest (32-Bit)” for Desktop Color depth and the issue should never bother you again.

As for the Black Screen issue, there are a couple of reasons for this issue to pop up. The first one might be the outdated GPU drivers, just update them and the black screen issue should resolve.

The other reason why this issue is bothering you might be the game’s default resolution. Some games at first launch set the default resolution too high compared to the display’s native resolution which causes the screen to go black while you can still hear the sound.

In this situation, all you need to do is press “ALT + Enter” and the game will go in Windowed mode. Go to video settings and change the resolution to your native resolution and you will be able to play the game in fullscreen without it going black.

Changing the language to Chinese
To play the game in the Chinese language firstly, open the registry editor by typing the “Regedit” in the search bar and go to “HKEY-USERS/S-1-5-21-….”. After that find “SOFTWARE/Koei Tecmo/Dynasty Warriors9/Graphic Setting”.

Once you have found it, all you need to do is go to the “language voice” and open it and replace the value with 2. Now you should experience the game in the Chinese language.

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