Dynasty Warriors 9 PC Benchmarks Reveal Piss Poor Optimization (Requires A Lot Of Power To Run At 60 FPS)

Dynasty Warriors 9 was supposed to be a great game and while people are talking about the lack of things to do in the game we are going to look at how well Dynasty Warriors 9 runs on PC. Dynasty Warriors 9 PC benchmarks reveal how badly it runs on PC and you can see all about the specifics below.

We have included the gameplay video of Dynasty Warriors 9 running at 1440p on a GTX 1080. The Nvidia GTX 1080 is a pretty powerful graphics card and is capable of running pretty much every game at 60 FPS, but that is not the case according to these Dynasty Warriors 9 PC benchmarks which you can check out below:

The gameplay is very choppy and you can see the stuttering and FPS drops in the video included above which has been encoded in 1080p but the game is actually running at 1440p. You can see that the FPS counter almost never gets to 60. If you are unable to set up your controller or need a new more FPS in game, then be sure to check out our fixes for the game.

There is a patch out now and you can download it and we will let know what kind of performance boosts the new patch provides but till then it seems that if you want to run the game at 60 FPS will all settings turned up to the max at 1080p then you will need to run the game with a GTX 1080. Things could change with the new patch so stay tuned for more information regarding Dynasty Warriors 9 PC benchmarks.

Gamers have been very upset with the optimization of Dynasty Warriors 9 PC version and we have yet to hear what the developer has to say about the issues but I am sure that there is a plan. Koei does not have a good reputation when it comes to fixing games and we have seen previous games that have not been patched even though they could easily have been.

Let us know what you think about Dynasty Warriors 9 PC benchmarks and what you have been facing since you started playing the game.

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