Valve Cut Ties With Insel Games Over Manipulation Of The Review Score

Very recently Valve has cut ties with the developer and publisher Insel Games and has removed all of its games from Steam including Guardian of Ember, Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan all have been removed from sale on Steam. The Steam users who already own the games will still have access but new sales won’t be made.

According to Valve, the developer Insel Games was manipulating the review score for its games. This they were doing by creating multiple Steam accounts and posting positive reviews. Well, this should be embarrassing for Insel Games. Although this practice is not uncommon but is unlawful especially when it comes to Steam’s terms.

Valve had to look into the matter deeply after a Reddit post reported that the CEO of the company Insel Games asked its employees to buy the game Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan on Steam and in order to improve the search ranking they should write a review.

The screenshot of the email sent by the CEO of the company to its employees showed that he lightly threatened the employees that they might lose their jobs if they do not purchase the game and write a review on it.

While games are removed from Steam, Wild Buster and Guardians of Ember can still be bought on Humble Store and you will also be given a Steam key.

Insel Game studio is situated in Malta its other games include Trinium Wars and World of Fishing which, were available on Steam.

Falsifying the reviews to generate a positive image in order to increase sales has eventually shaken the reputation of the Insel Game studio. What it means for the future of the studio is a question that we all know the answer to.

Adding an information a game Left 4 Dead 3 that was supposedly developed by Valve recently had its teaser image released that hinted at a possibility of a new part of the game turned out to be a fake news.

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