Spider-Man Spinoff Silver & Black Welcomes Captain Marvel and Chaos Walking Screenwriters

Silver & Black, one of several upcoming projects in the Spider-Man spinoff category, has officially enlisted two additional screenwriters for the task of reworking the script just in time for production.

This includes Geneva Robertson-Dworet, credited for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot and Captain Marvel debut; and Lindsey Beer, credited for the upcoming Chaos Walking thriller and Barbie installment.

According to a new report from Screen Rant earlier today, the duo has already finished a draft of the script and forwarded it to director Gina Prince-Bythewood for polishing.

The project is scheduled to begin production next month and hence, there were concerns that bringing on two new screenwriters at this point might result in a few delays. However, if the recent rendition of the script is finalized in the coming days, the movie should continue on with its initial schedule without any worries.

Silver & Black will be a standalone adaptation for the femme fatales Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) and Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova) from Marvel Comics. The former is an expert burglar, while the latter is a mercenary. They both have transitioned between being an enemy, ally, and love interest for Spider-Man throughout the years. There is no word on whether they will somehow connect with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but more details should surface in the coming months.

Silver & Black is slated to open in theaters on February 8, 2019. This will be right after Venom, another Spider-Man spinoff, premieres on October 5, 2018. There is also a live-action adaptation of Morbius, the Living Vampire, that is currently without a release date. The sudden interest in the Spider-Man universe may prompt Sony Pictures to sign off on more projects as well.