Sea of Thieves is Going to be Another Great PC Port Just Like Gears 4 (Will Run on Potato PCs)

Sea of Thieves is coming out soon and while we wait you must be wondering how well it will run on PC. The game is a play anywhere title and if you download it on the Xbox One then you will be able to play it on PC as well. This is the first game that Rare is working on for PC so you can imagine why they want to do it right.

The Sea of Thieves Beta has been out for some time now and that has allowed rare to get a lot of feedback and optimize the game according to what people had to say. The game will be coming out on the 20th of March and if you are interested in checking out the game then be sure to check out more information below.

Sea of Thieves PC Port Will Run On A Potato PC

From what we are hearing the Sea of Thieves PC port will be pretty good just like Gear of War 4. This is a play anywhere title and this is one of the big features of the game and in order for this to work, and actually be a selling point the game needs to run well on both platforms. Sea of Thieves PC port will have a couple of features that won’t be there on the Xbox One version.

The PC version will come with full ultra-wide support and a dedicated FPS Counter. The game will also feature an unlocked frame rate and gamers will be able to play the game in 4K. PC players will also be able to rebind keys as well as change FOV.

Ted Timmins, PC design lead at Rare says that the game has been designed for PC such that it can run even on potato PC. The following is what he had to say:

“Our rendering team set themselves the goal early on of ‘how low can we go,’ sometimes also referred to fondly as ‘getting the game running on a potato,’ which is why we want to deliver a great version of the game even for those with computers below our official minimum spec,”

When I read this Destiny 2 came to mind and while there might not be a huge player base of the game the game was made from the ground up for PC and it shows. You can run it on the 1050 Ti at decent graphics setting at 1080p 60 FPS and this is what I expect Sea of Thieves PC port to be like as well. Timmins further went to say the following:

“The game is perfectly playable at 540p, and one of the advantages of Xbox Play Anywhere is that if you own an Xbox One AND a low-spec laptop you can still take full advantage of it, and we absolutely encourage it!”

You can check out the required specifications for all resolutions that the game supports ranging from the lowest 540p all the way up to 4K 60 FPS.

Sea of Thieves PC Port

Let us know what you think about Sea of Thieves on PC and whether or not this is something that you are interested in checking out when the game comes out.