Report: Nvidia Turing GPU To Be Unveiled At GTC 2018

There have been many rumors making rounds on the internet revolving around Nvidia’s upcoming GPUs and another rumor has made its way on the internet suggesting that next-gen Nvidia Turing GPU will be revealed at GTC 2018.

GTC (GPU Technology Conference) will be held next month and the rumor comes from Reuters which suggests that Nvidia next gaming GPU will be Turing and the next-gen Nvidia Turing GPU will be unveiled at GTC 2018.

Furthermore, the report suggests that Nvidia will release two GPU series, one focused on gamers and the other on mining. Also, Turing is an interesting codename, since Alan Turing was involved with cryptography and would make sense if Nvidia Turing GPU will be for cryptocurrency miners.

This falls in line with a report that Nvidia Ampere GPUs will be released in April. The rumor further suggests that GP102 has become obsolete as it has reached its EOL (End of Life) and will be replaced by GA series.

Furthermore, Turing being a mining specific GPU also makes sense as reportedly Nvidia Ampere GPU will deliberately block mining at the hardware level. Considering if their mining capabilities will be blocked, it will result in the GPU prices and supply going back to normal.

However, these are all reports and rumors and until Nvidia officially announces these cards take these reports and rumors with a grain of salt.

Also, it is unknown what Nvidia will choose to call its next generation of consumer GPUs as there are speculations that the next-gen GPU will be GTX 20 series while some speculate that it will be GTX 1180.

What is your take on the situation? Should Nvidia Launch two separate GPU series with one focused on gaming and the other focused on mining? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Tweaktown