Two Brands Of Graphics Cards Coming Out: Nvidia Turing (Cyrptocurrency Mining) And Ampere (Gaming Graphics Cards)

Two new brands of graphics cards are coming out later this year. Nvidia Turing as well as Ampere. Nvidia Touring graphics cards will be coming out for cryptocurrency miners and it seems that the only way to beat them is to offer something that is made for them in the first place but Nvidia has its own twist on things.

Nvidia Ampere will be coming out for gamers. It seems that these chips will somehow be locked and miners will not be able to use these cards for mining purposes. As of right now, we are not sure how Nvidia is planning on pulling this off but if indeed this can be done then there would be no reason for miners to go and pick up an Nvidia Ampere based graphics card.

The reason why gaming graphics cards are so expensive and hard to find is the fact that miners are hoarding them and using them for mining purposes. If the gaming graphics cards could somehow be locked from being used for mining purposes then it is possible that miner will back off.

Nvidia inventory is at an all-time low and this is due to the excessive demand created by miners. According to Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore:

“We do think that cryptocurrency has been a very significant factor in both revenue and pricing, creating a shortage environment that is boosting pricing,”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang also talked about the mining situation recently and according to him mining is here to stay and is not giving away anytime soon. Keeping that in mind, I am pretty sure that this is why Nvidia Turing is coming out. Nvidia has seen the effects of mining in the market but also need to take care of gamers that are frustrated with the increase in prices.

With Nvidia Turing and Ampere coming out, miners will have what they need and gamers will also get what they want. We have been hearing rumors about mining graphics cards from Nvidia that do not feature video output ports and it is possible that these are the upcoming Nvidia Turing cards.

I do hope that Nvidia is able to pull this off and that this actually works. We also talked about the upcoming GTX 2080 and how the prices will come down with the release of the upcoming new generation of graphics cards.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia Turing and Ampere coming out and whether or not you think this strategy will keep miners at bay.