Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Boost, Performance Optimization, And Graphical Tweaks

Kingdom Come Deliverance has launched for PC and consoles after years of wait. While the game isn’t perfect since there are a lot of issues and bugs to deal with especially in the PC version but there are some steps you can take to make your gameplay experience better and that is what we are going to discuss in this Tweaks and optimizations guide.

The PC version of Kingdom Come Deliverance has been facing issues like stuttering, FPS drops, low FPS even on high-end systems. Here we will discuss all the tweaks and the graphical settings that could potentially drop the game’s performance and will also discuss the methods using which you can boost your FPS without compromising much of the graphical settings.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Tweaks

In our Kingdom Come Deliverance Tweaks and optimizations guide, we will discuss how you can improve your gameplay experience in the game by boosting FPS without compromising many graphical settings, how to change FOV, and more.

FPS Boost, Performance Optimization

Low FPS and FPS drops is a serious issue with Kingdom Come Deliverance and while you can boost the frame per second by tinkering with the graphical settings but, there is another way in which you might be able to boost your game’s FOS without lowering the graphical settings.

For this method to work, all you have to do is right-click on the game’s exe file and open properties. Under the general tab select “set launch options” and here you have type in a command depending on how much RAM you have.

If you have 16 GB or more RAM type in “-heapsize 2097152” and if you have 8 GB of RAM in your system then type in “-heapsize 1048576”.

What it will do is that it will allocate the RAM to be used as cache memory and can potentially double your FPS without compromising the graphical settings. However, this may not completely resolve the stuttering issue for you.

If you don’t take such steps like typing in commands, then you can also try other steps to boost your FPS. However, these steps are for Nvidia GPU users, especially who have the GTX 10 series GPU.

Open up the Nvidia Control Panel and select “Manage 3D Settings” and set the Texture quality to “High Performance” and also set the v-sync to “Fast”.

For those who don’t know, V-Sync “Fast” lets the GPU render the game above the monitor’s refresh rate and only displays the frames that the monitor can handle and the rest are discarded. While it might seem to do much but for some games, it actually increases the performance significantly. Hope this works for you.

One of our readers has added another way to potentially boost your FPS in the game:

There is a boost that gives you about 10% more fps, you have to look at your cpu cores, one is at 100% (CPU1 most of the time) in the taskmanager go to the kdc task rightclick-> affinity and tick off this core, afterwards all cores will be used evenly.

Graphical Tweaks

Purchasing a PC title has its perks, like all the graphical settings that users can tinker with. Here we will explain the graphical settings for Kingdom Come Deliverance and explain which are the most taxing on the system that can potentially decrease the game’s performance.

Physics is one of the taxing graphical settings in the game which can cause the game’s performance to drop. We suggest you keep it at medium if you have a mid-range system and even if you have a high-end system we advise you to still keep it at medium since the game has some serious performance issues right now.

Shadows is another one of the most taxing graphical settings in the game and is a universally taxing graphical setting. Shadows take up a lot of video memory so we suggest you keep is at high only if you a GPU with at least 4 GB VRAM, otherwise keep it at medium.

Textures is one of the main graphical settings in video games that PC gamers don’t like to make a compromise on and also one of the most VRAM consuming graphical setting. To play the game at High texture quality you need your GPU to be at least 4GB.

Vegetation Details is actually the setting the determines how much dense the vegetation can be in the game which makes it taxing on your system so if you have GPU with enough VRAM and GOU with enough processing power then you will be good to crank it all the way to Full. As for the mid-range systems, we suggest you keep it at the low.

Distance Quality determines the range of the high-quality textures, vegetation, and effects that can be displayed in a scene.

The higher the setting the more high-quality assets will appear on distant objects and terrain which makes it a taxing on the system. So, crank it up to Full only if you have a high-end GPU. The same goes for Vegetation Distance.

Increase FOV(Feild Of View)

Kingdom Come Deliverance currently doesn’t have the option to increase the FOV but that doesn’t mean you can’t increase or decrease it.

To adjust the FOV, open up the console command while in-game by pressing Tilde key. Once the console command is open, type in “cl_fov ##” and type in the FOV in place of ## in the command and press enter. For example, if you want the FOV to be 75 then type in “cl_fov 75” and press enter.

These are graphical tweaks and methods to improve your FPS in Kingdom Come Deliverance and tinkering with other graphical settings to improve your gameplay experience. Also, keep an eye out for our benchmarks.

Is there anything we missed? or something you would like to add to improve the game performance? Let us know in the comments.

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