Sony Survey: Players May Be Allowed To Change Their PSN ID

If you have been wanting to change your outdated PSN ID due to any reason then very soon you may have a chance to do so. Very recently the website PushSquare has managed to get its hands on a Sony Survey and turns out the company has been considering to possibly add a feature to PSN that would enable the user to change their ID.

Based on the Sony Survey if this is made official the players will be able to change their PSN ID Names multiple times and for free. Although there is a six-month window for each time a player changes the name.

As of now what we know is that if the player changes the name under this purposed system and later wanted to revert to the original name then the player would have to contact the Customer Support team of Sony.

The reason for Sony to never allow anyone to change their PSN name has been a mystery. Until this recent survey, most of the players who actually have been wanting to change the name had almost learned to live with it. Although now there is a ray of hope for those who want to change their names.

Based on the information made available by PushSquare, it is not yet clear that whether more name changes would require some kind of fee and if there is a fee then what would the cost be, so on and so forth.

If we compare Microsoft with Sony there are a few differences we can notice. Microsoft allows its players to change the Xbox Live Gamertag once for free and when further changes occur then there is a fee for it.

For survey purposes, the company is urging its players who have been included in the survey to maintain anonymity although seems like for such type of news it’s not possible.

One thing to also add here is that the survey also mentions that this feature is being considered and there is also an equal possibility that it may not be included.

Overall this is a very positive news that at least Sony is considering this because it has been on every PSN users mind that why it has not been considered before.

With that said you guys might already know that the Sony CEO Kaz Hirari is stepping down and his position will be taken by Joh Kodera. Joh Kodera has been trying to understand different aspects of his new designation by building a relationship with his team and what would be the aims of his era.

Also, the awaited game Death Standing that is exclusive to Sony PlayStation 4 has come out of its experimental phase so the release date of the game will also be coming forth very soon.

So do check that out, with that said let us hope that the Sony Survey reaps out some positive results and that the Sony company considers the PSN name change.

What are your thoughts on the PSN ID change? Do you think that the Name change should be allowed?
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