No Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch: Blizzard

Hearthstone is not coming to Nintendo Switch. The rumor has been deemed invalid as in an interview game designer Dean Ayala has clearly stated that “there are no plans to move Hearthstone to the Nintendo Switch.”

The rumor of Hearthstone not coming to Nintendo Switch came via Reddit and user DasVergeben who was also behind other leaks as well.Even so, there is a very small chance that Ayala was not allowed to expose any details regarding this specific game and Nintendo switch but to be honest that would be a long shot. So, for now, this debunking of the rumor is something that will be sticking for some time.

With that said, there are some reasons that tell us why the game Hearthstone has not been considered for Nintendo Switch. First of all the game, HeartStone is an online-only game so it may only work if the Switch is docked. Secondly using the switch in handheld mode, the player is more likely to be away from an internet connection.

Another reason is that the game HearthStone works better with a mouse or touch controls and Switch in Docked mode will give you less control making the game less interesting. On top of that, the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have not received a port of HearthStone and that is most probably due to the control Scheme.

One of the biggest reason that can be behind Hearthstone not being considered for the switch is that the game HearthStone has over 50 million players across Andriod, iOS, and PC. Releasing the game on console would be problematic to include the rest of the players without agreement from all parties.

Also, the cross-platform play has recently introduced itself in the market and right now their arent many games that are supporting it. Few games like Minecraft and Rocket League are new to this play so this is a hopeful aspect of the game HearthStone to reach Switch.

So long story short the reason that the HearthStone Rumor did not last long was that of probably these reasons; control scheme and an always-online requirement are the reasons for the game not being brought up for Nintendo Switch.

With all that said the Town of Light has also been confirmed to roll out for Switch sometime soon. Nintendo has recently shared its aim for the sales of Nintendo Switch. After having a strong launch and good sales volume the company has forecasted its expectations of the sales of Switch to reach about 17.74 million units by March 2018.