Microsoft Skype Messenger Has A Serious Vulnerability That You Should Know About

Microsoft Skype Messenger is very popular with people and it comes in handy not only for personal use but business use as well. German security researcher Stefan Kanthak has discovered the vulnerability and it seems that the issue cannot be patched easily and will require a ” large code revision “, this means that you will need to wait for the next update in order for the issue to be fixed.

Microsoft Skype Messenger Serious Security Vulnerability

According to Kanthak the bug allows a hacker to access your system all that they need is a DLL file prepared with malware. This can be stored in your temporary files in the system that you are logged into. When it comes to the Microsoft Skype Messenger, this thread not only applied to Windows but Apple operating system as well.

If you are using Skype then, for now, you can switch to other applications. At the office we have already switched to Slack till we hear more from Microsoft and that the issue is resolved. Skype was not something that hackers used to be interested in but it seems that has changed.

We are not sure how you can see whether or not you are being targetted or not so it is safer to stay away from the application until further notice. We will keep you updated regarding the matter so stay tuned to SegmentNext to learn more about the Microsoft Skype Messenger security vulnerability.

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Let us know what you think about the Microsoft Skype Messenger security vulnerability and whether or not you have noticed something fishy going on that might be related to this.