Kingdom Come Deliverance Discount 20% for a Limited Time

Kingdom Come Deliverance will be rolling out today as scheduled but if you Pre-Order the game you can get a 20% Kingdom Come Deliverance Discount.

The current price of the game for PC is $59.99 after a 20% discount it will cost you $47.99. So that will be a 12 dollar saving for anyone who is interested in the soon to be released game.

By using the code “FEB20” you can get yourself a hefty discount but wait, there is more. There is more if you pre-order now you will also get the “Treasures of the Past” map pack which also includes the trails to unique armor. Apparently, the game discount is available for PC only.

So for PC users, this here is a really great deal so what are you waiting for?

The Game starts with a son of a blacksmith who finds himself in the middle of a raging civil war. The character watches helplessly as invaders storm the village and slaughter the friends and family.

Then the game really begins as you escape the brutal attack, you ready your self to avenge the death of your parents. Nothing works better than a classic avenge story.

The game has been in development for several years and finally with it releasing today will surely put an end to all the speculation regarding the game.

Kingdom Come Deliverance discount will probably stay for a little while so get your hand on the deal while it’s there.

The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon.