FIFA 19 For Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Consoles Might Not Happen

This may not be a good news for those last-generation console users. FIFA 19 Last Gen Console port may become thing of the past. The signs suggest that the game may not be coming on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

If we consider the sales of games in regards to the last generation consoles and compare the sales of present generation consoles then we have roughly 97% game sales for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with that we have one percent accounted for Nintendo Switch and remaining two percent for these last generation consoles.

If we compare the quality of the gameplay on these consoles it is pretty obvious that FIFA 18 on Xbox 360 and PS3 did not use Frostbite and because of that reason, it looked significantly worse compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

Also, players who used Xbox One PS4 and PC were able to enjoy the game based on Frostbite Engine with that they had the perks of enjoying the journey and the revamped Career Mode whereas, FIFA 18 Last Gen Console was not able to give such features.

Now it seems like that EA may be looking to drop these last generation consoles for FIFA 19. With that said, one thing is to be also considered that EA sports have also been considering a subscription-based model for FIFA. Although they still struggle with the idea of implementing it as shifting to a subscription-based model they would still require a base game and considering that FIFA 19 will have to come through.

With that said we recently had EAs latest annual report, where Blake J.Jorgensen told that EA team is looking to extend the licenses for FIFA 19. For EA adding leagues is not only effective for the concerned partners but for the users as well.

The CEO of EA Andrew Wilson recently added in that annual report, that China, Middle East, and Korea have a lot of prospects for this Game in context of the leagues.

Also recently industry insider Marcus Sellar went on Twitter saying that we will be seeing Madden and FIFA 19 on Switch as well. We all know that these both games are two of EA’s biggest sports earners so it does make sense.

With all that said the signs of the world moving towards latest and contemporary technology and methods may become a barrier for those who still rely on the last generation consoles. As even now thousands of players still use last generation consoles simply because they cannot afford it.

Such move by the company on the blockbuster game will really break the hearts of last generation console users, although it will also be an indication that it’s time to upgrade.