A Dishonored 2 Graphic Novel Is In The Works, Set Post-Game

A Dishonored 2 graphic novel is apparently going to be coming soon, allowing players who haven’t had their fill of Corvo and Emily to go with them on another adventure. The novel will take place after Dishonored 2’s actual plot, as Emily and Corvo return to Dunwall to face a new threat.

The graphic novel has a pretty good team behind it, including Michael Moreci (who wrote the comics Roche Limit and Suicide Squad: Secret Files), Mattia Iacono (who did the colors for the Dark Souls comic), and Andrea Olimpieri, who is doing the art for the book.

The Dishonored 2 graphic novel will be coming out on February 20, so there’s not much longer to wait if you’re a Dishonored fan and want to buy the book. Hopefully, it will be as good as the game it was based on.

Video game comics aren’t really something that happens often, though some games like Halo and Mass Effect have gotten a large number of comics and graphic novels of their own. Bloodborne, one of From Software’s properties, is also getting a comic, and Dark Souls 3 got one of its own when it was about to come out (though that one is not looked kindly upon by fans ue to various lore inaccuracies and bad writing).

Hopefully the Dishonored 2 graphic novel will end up being great, with someone who understands the world and the characters putting a lot of work into the pages and story. Both Dishonored games (and their various expansions) have all been positively reviewed, so it would be a pretty big shame if the game’s graphic novel turned out bad.

Either way, if you want to buy the Dishonored 2 graphic novel, you can pick it up for $16.99 or your regional equivalent on February 20. Or, if you want to catch up on the story, you can buy Dishonored 2 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, or PC.