Here Comes a Bill That Prohibits Devs from Selling Loot Boxes to Anyone Under 21

Over the past few months, the idea of banning loot boxes in video games have been floating around the internet. The discussion got kicked into high gear when EA used predatory loot boxes in its Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Now, Chris Lee, the Democratic State Representative for Hawaii, has submitted two bills and if passed, they will ban the selling of video games with loot boxes to anyone under the age of 21. The bill targets the fact that players are unaware of the odds of winning various items.

There are so many games using loot boxes and games as services model that regulation has become necessary. However, are we OK with Govt regulations? No! The leaders of the industry should sit down and come up with their own statute of limitation and regulations for loot boxes and monetization beyond the $60 price tag. As it is them, who better understand the dynamics of the gaming industry.

I grew up playing games my whole life,” said state Rep. Chris Lee of Oahu, who spearheaded the bills. “I’ve watched firsthand the evolution of the industry from one that seeks to create new things to one that’s begun to exploit people, especially children, to maximize profit.

Lee wants video game publishers to label games that feature loot boxes as well as be transparent about how deep the system goes. You can read his entire bill’s different sections here, here, here, and here.

If this bill goes through then at least in the state of Hawaii EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and other publishers would need to label their games. They will not be able to sell their video games to anyone under 21.

This will pose a serious problem for AAA video game developers but they brought it upon themselves.

Would you like the Govt to regulate loot boxes? Do you think Govt intervention would be good?