Why is Bayonetta 3 Nintendo Switch Exclusive? Hideki Kamiya Has The Answer

Today Bayonetta 3’s director Hideki Kamiya took some time off to give some details about the game and why it will be Nintendo Switch Exclusive.

The Director Hideki Kamiya made multiple Tweets related to the game, he talked about Bayonetta IP, who owns it and events that led to this third game of the series to Nintendo Switch Exclusive.

Starting off with the Tweet that most of the fans would love to hear. The director made the first Tweet that he has something to tell about the game Bayonetta 3.

The director talked about the company and how it covers the development costs of the game. Hideki Kamiya said that the company creates games by signing contracts with its publishers and upon receiving the funds the development costs are covered.

Another interesting thing he added was that the game Bayonetta 1 rights belong to Sega as a contract was signed in order to receive funds. At that time the company was not equipped properly for multiplatform development and so after a discussing with Sega the game was made exclusive for Xbox 360.

Furthermore, the director added that following the first part of the game Sega’s trading partners ended up making a port for PS3, and more recently they have also decided to develop a Steam Version. With that, he also made it clear that Sega owns all of these versions.

Then the director gave away some information about the Bayonetta 2 that initially the developers received funds from Sega for multiple platforms, although the project had to be stopped due to the unsupportable circumstances at Sega. After that Nintendo stepped in to lend a hand by giving funds to let the game production finish.

The director talked about some of the historical aspects of the production of this title. Finally, the director Hideki Kamiya acknowledged the help of Nintendo for funding and Sega for allowing them to use the Bayonetta IP.

Now coming to Bayonetta 3 the director said that it would not have been possible to kick-start the production of this game without Nintendo’s funding and due to these reasons all of the rights of the game belong to Sega and Nintendo it has been decided by these major shareholders of the game that it will be made exclusive for Switch.

With all that said the director made some finishing Tweets regarding the Bayonetta 3 that production of video games is a technical process that requires a lot of decisions to be made some good some bad some inevitable but rest assured the producers and developers work to provide the best possible experience to its players.

Based on some Reddit users rumors regarding the release of the game have been flowing around. Considering the rumors the Nintendo Switch Exclusive game Bayonetta 3 will release in summer but hopefully, the release window will not go any further ahead than 2018.