Six Different TinyBuild Switch Games Are On Their Way To The Console

TinyBuild games has had pretty good history in the past few years. As the developer and publisher of a number of different games that are all as fun as they are different, they’ve decided to put a lot of TinyBuild Switch games onto Nintendo’s smash hit console later this year.

TinyBuild Games is known for putting out games like Party Hard, Streets of Rogue, Hello Neighbor, Punch Club, and more. Most of these games will be making their way onto the Switch this year. In addition to the four named above, post-apocalyptic game The Final Station and obstacle course game Clustertruck will also be appearing.

Each of these games are actually fairly different from one another. They range from games like Party Hard, where the object is to use everything at your disposal to kill everyone at a wild party, to The Last Station, where players must guide their train through a post-apocalyptic world to discover what happened. However, not all of them are very serious.

Punch Club, for instance, has players try and become the best fighter possible in order to avenge their murdered father. It’s not all dark though; players can go into the sewers for a pizza delivery, only to run into mutant ninja crocodiles.

All of these TinyBuild Switch games have already experienced success on other platforms like the PC, so it stands to reason that TinyBuild games is making it so that they can also run on the Switch, especially given that console’s good amount of portability and the arcade style of most of their games.

All of these different TinyBuild Switch games have a different release window attached to them, so they’ll be coming out across different months. If you want to get all of them, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money at once.