Rise of the Black Panther Miniseries Cleanly Recaps Decades of Lore

For those unaware, there is an ongoing miniseries called Rise of the Black Panther that is perfect to understand how the character originated and grew in the comic books over the years. The issues are not just limited to T’Challa and his personal journey to the throne, but also his parents and core events that were significant in transforming Wakanda into the most technologically advanced nation in the world.

With Black Panther releasing in theaters later this week, there is obviously an interest for newcomers to know more about the black-suited superhero. The logical method would be to start referring the source materials. However, much like any other comic book franchise, the Black Panther has decades of lore attached to his name. That amounts to not only tons of comic books that would require too much time to cover, but also potential confusion because of the storyline branching into new mythologies over the years.

Rise of the Black Panther, featuring only six issues in total, does the job by cleanly recapping the past and present of the character for an easy read–not necessarily in chronological order. The miniseries filters the more important aspects about the Black Panther that every fan should be aware of and lines them up in less than two hundred pages. This includes years of lore about his childhood and ascension to the throne, his early struggles as king by day and protector by night, his relationships with allies and foes, his source of superpowers, and the vibranium mines running deep underground, among other things.

The first issue, released last month, delved into the parents of T’Challa and how they were solely responsible for advancing Wakanda in technology and science. The second issue, released last week, put T’Challa on the throne and dropped details about his powers.

There are still four more issues left in the miniseries, but they will unfortunately arrive after the premiere of Black Panther this month. Those interested can purchase each issue for $3.99 from the official website.