Rumor: Pokemon for Nintendo Switch to be Localized This Year

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch is yet to be officially confirmed but it is happening as far we rumor go. There is much known about the in-development game but just now some new information regarding it the title has come forth. Pokemon localization is taking place this year.

According to Pixelpar, the Pokemon Localization for the Switch version will be taking place and the editors are being hired on a minimum 6-month contract. It seems like the work will probably kick off sometime between April and June 2018.

The process may take place at various stages of the game development although most of the fans are positive and think that things may become close and the game may be ready earlier than expected.

Still, this is a rumor, as at this point the details of the unnamed Pokemon for Nintendo Switch are very less. Some quotes of the developers Masuda and Ohmori that have caught attention came in a form of a recent video from the developers that the fans should not set their hopes too high for the title.

Well, that is something very odd for a development company to say to its fan that kindly do not set your hopes too high. The only reason a company would say that is when they are themselves not sure about the title.

Still, it is too early to speculate until then the gamers need to wait and hope that some good news about the release window of the game’s new feature pops up.

With that said Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon recently had its update version 1.2 released. It contains various fixes that have improved the gameplay experience.

Also, if you have not heard, the Pokemon Company has recently announced that they are handing out free Legendary Pokemon for you to obtain in Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon each month depending on the version of the game.

So right now the unnamed Pokemon version details are pretty vague and details that are floating in the air regarding the game, are pretty-much rumors.