Let’s Just Hope That GPU Supply Issues Are Resolved With The Release Of Nvidia Volta GTX 2080

GPU supply is an issue these days and that has increased the prices of graphics cards. but I am hoping that with the release of Nvidia Volta GTX 2080 the supply and pricing issues will be resolved. Graphics cards prices have gone through the roof and we are waiting for Nvidia Volta GTX 2080 comes out so that the pricing comes back to normal.

Having that said we know that AMD Vega is here to stay for the year and we will not be getting anything new from AMD this year. What will change is that the AMD Vega architecture will be shifted to the 7nm process. Keeping that in mind yield for the same architecture should not be a problem and AMD should be able to meet demands without any hiccups if the company wanted to. It depends on their priority.

With the release of new batches of Nvidia Volta GTX 2080 graphics cards as well as AMD Vega graphics cards, the difference between the supply and demand will become smaller and prices will drop once again.

Nvidia is working hard in order to get the graphics cards to the gamers and according to the CEO of the company Jensen Huang:

“We’re working really hard to get GPUs out into the marketplace for the gamers. We’re doing everything we can, but I think the most important thing is, we just got to catch up with supply,”

Mining is one of the reasons why GPUs are so low in supply right now and while increasing the supply of graphics cards will indeed have an effect on pricing, the drastic effect will be implemented once the new series of graphics cards are released into the market.

While we have little news regarding the upcoming gaming graphics cards from Nvidia and there is a bit of a debate regarding whether the upcoming gaming cards will be named Volta or Ampere we have been hearing rumors that the upcoming graphics cards will be coming out in April 2018.

Nvidia CEO further went on to say the following:

“There’s a fairly sizable pent-up demand going into this quarter. The demand is great, and it’s very likely the demand will remain great as we look through this quarter.”

Let us know whether or not you are interested in getting the Nvidia Volta GTX 2080 when it comes out and what kind of improvements in performance, you are expecting from the new architecture when it comes to gaming.

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