Monster Hunter World Affinity Guide – How to Increase, Weapon Affinity

Affinity is one of the most important mechanics in Monster Hunter World. Here we have a nifty Monster Hunter World Affinity Guide on Affinity which will explain to you what Affinity is and how you can increase or decrease Affinity depending on the current scenario.

Weapon affinity is something that you need to keep an eye on as it can be critical to your success. It can sure make or break your build in Monster Hunter World. It should be very clear to you that Monster Hunter World characters aren’t leveling up as they normally do in other RPGs.

Instead, affinity is what takes your character to the next level. Your gear levels up, allowing you to take on higher level enemies. The overall evolution of your gear is what determines how well you will perform during any given combat scenario.

Monster Hunter World Affinity helps decide how much additional damage your gear is going to cause. The idea is pretty simple, you need a positive affinity to boost the stats of your weapon. Keep in mind that the weapons affinity can go into the negative; which means it would deal less damage.

Positive affinity, the more you have it, the more chances of dealing critical damage. All weapons have affinity statistics so use them wisely. We hope that the following guide will help you learn to manipulate affinity in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Affinity – How It Works

The Affinity of any weapon is a stat that represents how much additional damage the weapon will deal when it lands an attack. This could be increased damage or less damage as mentioned in the stat.

Weapon Affinity is an important stat to keep in mind and always works because the game’s combat system is built accordingly.

Affinity works in both ways. If the Affinity value is higher, the weapon will deal additional damage then it does normally. However, if the Affinity is in negative, it will lower the damage of the weapon even than the stat set for it by default. It is vital that you adjust this vitality factor to make the most of it.

You can increase or decrease the Affinity level by changing your armor. There are certain armor sets that increase or decrease Affinity. It is also one of the vital elements of Monster Hunter World.

Your main progression in Monster Hunter World is determined by the evolution of your gear rather than the player.

The main factor affecting your Affinity is the Armor Skills. Each armor that you wear has a specific set of Armor Skills that you greatly benefit during these battles. Similar to Armor Skills that increase your Affinity, some Armor Skills that decrease your Affinity. Some of the best Armor Skills that increase your Affinity are explained below!

Affinity Sliding
Each time you slide with this, Armor Skill equipped, your Affinity will be increased for a certain amount of time. Utilize this increase to deal as much damage as possible.

Attack Boost
This Armor Skill raises your Affinity at higher levels massively increasing the amount of damage that you deal to the monsters and enemies.

Critical Draw
This skill is good for people who love to land draw attacks. With this skill, you will have an increased chance of landing critical hits when you perform a draw attack.

Critical Eye
This is a simple boost to your Affinity without any other requirements. This is a passive increase in the Affinity and does not require you to perform special moves or attacks to increase Affinity.

In short, in all comes down to your build. The more effective your build is the more you will be able to increase and decrease Affinity at will. Changing the Affinity is as easy as changing your armor. Make sure you have armor sets in your inventory that can modify your Affinity according to different scenarios.

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This concludes our Monster Hunter World Affinity Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!