Asus To Ship 2 Million Gaming Laptops In 2018 Due To Graphics Card Shortage And Price Inflation

Graphics cards shorage is hitting all of us especially gamers but it seems that there are some companies that will be able to take this as an opportunity and make some money in the process. We are talking about companies that make gaming laptops. Asus shipped 1.5 million gaming laptops in 2017 and aims to pump that number to 2 million in 2018.

This forecast is the largest in the companies history and it seems that Asus will be riding the graphics card shortage wave and you can thank miner for that. Graphics cards are nowhere to be found and if you can get your hands on one you will be expected to pay more than double the MSRP in some cases.

With graphics cards pricing going off the roof, people have more incentive to buy gaming laptops that were considered not good value for money in the past. But the thing is, with Max-Q graphics you can get close to the same performance as desktop graphics cards in a laptop form factor and the laptop will still remain relatively slim and light.

Who does not want to play games on the go, the portability factor is something huge to consider when deciding whether to go with a gaming laptop or a desktop PC. If you are interested in getting a gaming laptop then check out why now is a good time to be a laptop gamer.

Asus has brought us a couple of cool gaming laptops and while the premium you have to pay is pretty high, the prices of graphics cards are not coming down anytime soon. You can buy a powerful gaming laptop in the price range of the GTX 1080.

Let us know what you think about Asus gaming laptops and whether or not you are interested in buying one for yourself.