Rumor Debunked: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection For PlayStation 4 Is Not Coming

The compilation of remastered ports of Metal Gear video games that were previously released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will not be coming on PlayStation 4. The recently leaked rumor by the Armature Studios about the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS4 has been deemed a typo error.

Recently the rumors regarding the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection stated that the game is being worked on and yesterday the rumor took a hype when Armature Studio accidentally leaked that they are working on the game for PlayStation 4.

Upon viewing the leak most of the reports of this news instantly reported the game in production considering it an official source. Sometimes even the authentic sources can prove to be wrong in some way and that has been the case in the Metal Gear Solid.

While it would be a great news that the Game sees production but unfortunately it is not seeing the production at least according to the Armature Studios.

Head of business development at Armature Studios Jonathan Zamkoff was recently asked whether Metal Gear Solid is being prepped for PS4 or not. To which he added that the leak that has been roaming around was a typo error and that the game is not in production.

According to him, this was a typo error by one of their web developers and this is actually neither a leak nor any type of indication that the MGS HD collection is being prepped. He also clarified that at this moment the developers are not working on any Metal Gear Solid games.

The developers have also added that very soon the bad information on their website will be removed as such type of information leads to unanticipated calamities. Something to add here is that such type of typo error is not something that aligns with the image of the company.

Why would a video game company first add an inaccurate information then somehow manage to get that information leaked and after it has taken the shape of a rumor they debunk it saying it was a typo. That is just hilarious.

Moving on from the rumor, we recently had somewhat of a confirmation related to the Metal Gear Survive that it may always require an online connection as this news is taken from the games’ final box art that had apparently revealed that the game requires an internet connection to be played.

However, the Box art of the game does not specifically point out that games’ single-player campaign also requires being online but until the game releases or Konami has something to say on it we have our fingers crossed.

For now, if you have not checked out the beta footage of the Metal Gear Survive do give that a try. It really gives an insight of the game. As the producer of the game Metal Gear Survive has said that this upcoming game is very different from its previous titles. According to him, the game has new gameplay elements including survival and much more.

So for now, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is not in production for PlayStation 4 the rumor of this is apparently false as of now and the Game Metal Gear Survive will be rolling out in just a few days on 20th February 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.