Left 4 Dead 3 Teaser Rumor Squashed, It Was Fake, Valve Confirms

If you have been following the rumors regarding the first-person shooter, survival horror video game Left 4 Dead 3 then you certainly need to know this. The game Left 4 Dead 3 supposedly being developed by Valve, that recently had its teaser image released that hinted at a possible new sequel, well as it turns out, it was a fake.

The Teaser Image was shared via Valve developer’s Facebook account, which has been deemed fake by Valve. If this appears a dubious way to release a teaser then you are right because it is. Why would Valve release a teaser through a developer’s Facebook account? Wouldn’t it be an unreliable source.

A fake Facebook profile of Ted Carson, Valve’s developer updated its banner to a Left 4 Dead 3 teaser. The image is a spin on the classic four fingered Zombie hand taken from Left 4 Dead but with a small change to make it appear realistic. The pinkie finger has been removed to which valve has added that it’s a photoshop.

Ted’s profile was listed as female, that’s a first with that it was also registered with an unrelated Gmail address. With all that said the image itself fails to capture originality as it appears to be an edit of a screenshot from the original game of the series.

What came after this rumor was an update in the last hour. The concerned Facebook page posted another new edit featuring Left for Dead Zombie hand holding a card with the text “The Left 4 Dead Card Game.”

It appears as if someone was really having fun and is a fan of the game as well. These type of stunts although irritate the developers but they also point out the intensity at which the fans really want the game to come.

Until now Valve has not made any announcements regarding the game but what the company has confirmed is that this rumor is for now officially debunked.

If you guys remember the game Left 4 Dead 3 has been in the talks for quite some time. Most of the fans really want the game to come through. On that note, last year we had a lot of rumors that the game will come through in 2017 and even some of the character details were also in the rumors but for now, that has become a thing of the past.

What are your thoughts on the sequel of the Left 4 Dead? Do you think that it should be developed? Let us know in the comments below.