New God of War 4 Trailer Showcased During an NBA Game, Marketing Done Right

The highly anticipated upcoming third-person action-adventure video game God of War 4 in development by Santa Monica Studio recently had its trailer marketed during an NBA game. The timing was perfect and the trailer even more.

The trailer is narrative focused and captures a storyline between a father and his son. The aesthetics and the cinematic effects for the trailer at the NBA game were really groundbreaking. The trailer was projected on the basketball court so that was one of the perks.

We have Kratos and his son Atreus starting off in the opening scene. The father appears to be training his son with a very stiff and solid approach that weakness is not an option. Just what the fans expect, the ruthlessness of the game can be seen in the trailer of the game.

One thing is for sure the role-playing elements of the game will really be stepping up the level of the game. In the next sequence of the trailer, we see the father and son fighting the trolls, ogres, and draugrs on an ice bridge where the monster is crushed by Kratos big blow of the sword and we see the bridge break and both father and son fall in a cave type place where there are a lot of enemies ready to devour them.

Although the game is much-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive still recently it has appeared that the game has not been doing well in the pre-order section. The pre-orders have been quite low to what the Sony Santa Monica has been expecting.

With that said such marketing attempts still prove to be working the magic to gather around the crowd for the game. We all know the game is going to be great relating it to its predecessors all we need is a bit of reassurance and it will soon work its magic.

The release date of the game God of War 4 has been released and the game will be rolling out on 20th April 2018, PS4 exclusive. God of War’s creative director Cory Barlog has confirmed the release date.