Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Guide – Beginners Tips and Tricks

This Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Beginner Guide will give you some basic Tips and Tricks that you need in order to do well in the game. It will tell you how to get started and what to do at the start to ensure that you are getting better at taking down monsters.

A lot of lifelong fans of the series have made a switch to the touchscreen edition but are immediately wondering what to do and how does killing monsters work on the small screen.

It does not matter whether you are a new portable gamer or have been for a long time, as the new Final Fantasy has a steep learning curve and can be a challenge for even the most hardcore of gamers.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Guide – Getting Started!

It is best if we start with the main point of the game, fighting. Fighting is done by taps and long taps. Certain prompts will appear on your screen and ask you to tap at a certain spot to activate dodges and counter-attacks.

Simply tap on the enemy to start the attack or on the ground to move over there. You can also long-tap the character that you want to attack to dash over to it.

Abilities are also done on prompts. Keep a lookout on your right side so that you can do a special ability before the time runs out for you to do it. Dodging is also done in the same way.

If you do take damage, you can heal yourself with potions by opening the potion menu whose icon is found underneath the settings icon. Now let’s take a look at some of the other tips that might be useful for you.

Tips and Tricks

The first thing that you need to be aware of is the Warp Strike option. Just like you could in the console version, you can warp strike enemies from afar by holding the finger on an enemy.

This is the best way to initiate a fight which you know you can win, as it gives you an element of surprise. The remainder of your crew will join you later if you use this method, so be sure you are not taking on more than you can handle.

Remember that you will be given a lot of weapons during your playthrough of the game. You start out with a sword and go all the way to the Great Sword.

Different weapons have different stats so figure out which one you like best. For example, the Great Sword deals a ton of damage but has a massive warmup time, so only use it if you are sure you can hit the target with it.

Countering and Dodging are key elements of the game. Make sure you tap their icon whenever it appears, as the ring that depletes around it is the time left for you to tap that button before it disappears. When the ring depletes halfway, that is when your counter turns into a dodge.

The earlier you press the icon, the better it will be for you in the fight. Just remember that some massive monsters and enemies will not give you the chance to do this, so you need to move out of the way if you see them warming up an attack.

You can use the warp strike icon to occasionally hang from somewhere and see a much larger area than you would usually. This is great to get information about the enemy and to plan your attack onto them. So, use this recon option to the best of your abilities to gain an edge in battle.

Lastly, remember to use your AP to upgrade your stats. Look at them and decide which ones will benefit you the most and upgrade those stats first so that you can be stronger. For example, don’t increase your Great Sword skill if you do not use that weapon very often.

That is all we have for our Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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