Charlotte Katakuri Finally Arrives on Whole Cake Island in One Piece

It was a considerable wait for manga readers but the long-running anime finally caught up this week to introduce Charlotte Katakuri in One Piece.

The fan-favorite character is the next big antagonist that Luffy and his crew will have to defeat in the “Whole Cake Island” arc. The towering and ominous figure appeared much earlier in the manga, but has just arrived in the anime on the night of the infernal wedding.

Sanji and Luffy were reunited in the latest episode for the first time since their clash at the beginning of the arc. Luffy, starved and nearly beaten to death, graciously accepted the picnic basket from Sanji. In typical One Piece fashion, the conversation ended with Sanji asking his captain to help him save his biological family from the assassination plan.

The episode then ended by showing Katakuri, dressed in a dark fur-trimmed cloak, approach the Whole Cake Chateau with an underling. When the massive doors did not open, Katakuri simply said that they will open themselves–and they did. The camera moved in for a close-up of his face before cutting away to the credits.

Katakuri is the most powerful and strongest of the three Sweet Commanders. His sister, Charlotte Smoothie, comes next. Charlotte Cracker, the one that Luffy was barely able to defeat in the Seducing Woods, only ranks in third place.

Katakuri has complete authority on the Big Mom Pirates, second to only Big Mom herself. His name is attached with an insane bounty that is more than double of what Luffy currently has, making it apparent that even the World Government considers him as extremely dangerous.

There is no point to spoil the anime for those who have not read the manga. Just know that Katakuri will eventually go to battle and the final fight against Luffy will be extremely overwhelming for the straw hat-wearing rubber man.