Leaked AMD Ryzen APU Benchmarks Turns Out To Be Fake

Leak and rumors are nothing new in the tech or gaming industry and while sometimes these leaks and rumors turn out the be fake but, these things are quick to spread and such is the case with leaked AMD Ryzen APU benchmarks which according to a report are fake.

According to Eteknix, recently leaked AMD Ryzen APU benchmarks are completely fake. According to the site, some outlets have leaked fake Ryzen APU benchmarks on the internet.

According to the report, AMD currently has an NDA on Ryzen APU benchmarks and while the site could not tell how well the Ryzen APU perform but, confirmed that the leaked APU benchmarks are fake.

Speaking of the upcoming APUs, ASUS has rolled out BIOS Update to support Ryzen 2000 APUs on existing AM4 300 Series motherboards.

However, ASUS is not the only one as Gigabyte and MSI have also rolled out BIOS updates to support AMD Raven Ridge APUs. MSI has rolled out the BIOS update for 13 of its motherboard models with AM 4 Socket.

In related news, AMD Athlon 200GE APU’s listing has popped up online. According to the specs, it will be a DUal-Core with four threads L2 2x512KB, L3 4MB Cache, with a base frequency of 3.2GHz. According to the listing, AMD Athlon 200GE will be used for Lenovo 234.

However, interesting thing is that there is no meaning to “GE” in AMD’s naming system as “G” stands for the CPU with an integrated graphics chip while there is no mention of “E” in AMD’s naming system for its Processors and APUs.

AMD Raven Ridge APUs will be rolling out today and with the NDA lifting following the launch we will be benchmarking the new AMD Ruzen APUs for ourselves and see if the leaked benchmarks were indeed fake or not.

Source: Eteknix

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